Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Media Studies A Levels

It's not that often that I change my mind during arguments/debates. I tend to spend a long time developing new ideas or attitudes, so I was intrigued by the debate about 'coursework' and 'practical work' for A Level Media Studies on the OCR Exam Board mailing list for media teachers. It is being driven by a wide range of positions, often (but not always) cogently argued. I find myself agreeing with both those who want to expand coursework (my own general position) and those who are worried about too much 'production work' and not enough core theory. There is still time to join in the debate by registering and visiting the mailing list (see link).


mediateacher said...

Hi Roy
Thanks for linking to my blog from yours. Iwas just thinking that it must be time for an ITP article on the benefits of blogging, seeing as we all seem to be doing it. I'd volunteer, but I think people are a bit fed up of hearing from me!
Thanks again!
Steve Connolly

Roy Stafford said...

I'm rather hoping that eventually we can generate discussion as blogs rather than articles, but I'll bear it in mind.